Many rare and unusual trees grow here and will be of interest to Arboriculturalists world-wide who may be searching for a rare tree.

You'll see the tallest Eucryphia in Kent, covered with white flowers in August; the handsome and rare Kalopanax septemlobus; Sequoia sempervirens, a large tree that can be exceptionally long-lived, and Metasequoia glyptostroboides, a living fossil.

Location Title Common Name Description Origin Planted Notes
1 Acer cappadocicum Cappadocian Maple A medium sized tree with broad, 5-7 lobed leaves, butter yellow in autumn. Caucasus, W Asia to Himalayas 1838
2 Acer tataricum Tatarian Maple A small spreading tree with dull green 3-5 shallow-lobed leaves tapering to a point but often unlobed on mature specimens SE Europe-SW Asia 1759
4 Amelanchier laevis Snowy Mespiles A small tree with white flowers in May, rich deep pink leaves in autumn N America 1870
5 Acer pseudoplatanus "Brilliantissimum" A small round-headed tree with shrimp-pink young leaves in spring 1905
6 Acer palmatum 'Dissectum' Cut-leaved Japanese Maple Leaves green on a dense rounded bush. 5-7-9 lobes leaves
7 Davidia involucrata Pocket Handkerchief Tree, Dove Tree A medium sized tree with large white bracts in May China 1904 by Ernest Wilson
8 Acer pseudoplatanus "Brilliantissimum"
9 Acer platanoides 'Drummondii' A striking cultivar of the Norway Maple 1903
10 Acer japonicum Downy Japanese Maple or Full Moon Maple A small tree with soft green leaves, hairy stems and colouring well in autumn. Leaves almost circular with 7-9 lobes. Many forms Japan 1864
11 ACER palmatum
12 Acer japonicum 'Aconitifolium' As above but leaves deeply cut, colouring crimson in autumn. 1888
13 Acer japonicum
14 Acer palmatum 'Dissectum Atropurpureum' As above but leaves purple
15 Acer griseum Paperbark Maple A small tree grown for its cinnamon-coloured, peeling bark. Leaves trifoliate, red and scarlet in autumn. China 1801 by Ernest Wilson
16 Sequoia Sempervirens Coast Redwood, Californian Redwood A very large conifer and very long-lived. Thick, fibrous reddish brown bark, drooping branches with yew-like leaves. California & Oregon 1843
17 Sorbus intermedia Swedish Whitebeam A medium sized tree, leaves 3-7 lobed on each side, dark green above, tomentose beneath NW Europe
18 Acer saccharinum Silver Maple A large fast growing tree with 5-lobed leaves, silvery undersides, colouring well in autumn NE America 1725
19 Prunus
20 Carpinus betulus European Hornbeam This large specimen has the characteristic ribbed serrate leaves and unusually long fruit clusters of trilobate samaras Europe including British Isles
21 Amelanchier laevis as above
22 Eucryphia x nymansensis 'Nymansay' This specimen appears to be the form raised at Nymans, Sussex, from the cross between E. glutinosa and E. cordifolia. Dense columnar habit with leaves of three leaflets and a wonderful display of white flowers in August.
23 Cornus Kousa A large shrub with flowers having conspicuous white bracts in May. Bronze and crimson colours in Autumn. For acid soils Japan & Korea 1875
24 Metasequoia glyptostroboides This deciduous conifer could be described as a living fossil. Thought to be extinct but discovered in Central China in 1941 and introduced to the west in 1946, it has been commonly planted in parks and gardens. Strong-growing with feathery leaves with attractive autumn colour. Easily propagated.
25 Abies grandis Giant Fir A fast growing conifer with shiny green leaves, with two white bands beneath and tangerine-scented when crushed. Western North AZmerica 1830 by David Douglas
26 Acer rufinerve Grey budded snake-bark maple A medium sized tree with green and white striated bark. 3-lobed leaves, red and yellow in autumn Japan 1879
27 Acer negundo The Box Elder A bush, medium sized tree with 3-5 or 7-9 pinnate leaves. Long catkins of small keys. N America 1688
28 Sequoiadendron giganteum Wellingtonia, Big tree Acknowledged to be the world's largest and oldest living thing. Conical habit with down -swept branches, the awl-shaped leaves spirally arranged. Reddish brown fibrous bark. Sierra range of California 1853
29 Acer saccharinum as above
30 Larix decidua Common European Larch A large deciduous conifer, with light green rosettes of needle-like leaves. Europe, Carpathians 1620
31 Acer rubrum Red Maple, Canadian Maple National Emblem of Canada. A large tree with palmate leaves turning rich red in autumn. E North America
32 Aver velutinum var. 'Vanvolxemii' Van Volxem's Maple 2 Specimens - a large tree with large 3-5-lobed leaves, blue-green beneath. Caucasus, Iran 1873
33 Stuartia (sinensis?) or Stewartia Shrub for moist acid soil and woodland conditions, white flowers, rich autumn colour. C. China 1901 by Ernest Wilson
34 Acer campestre Field Maple or Hedge Maple A small tree with 5-lobed leaves, yellow in autumn. British Isles35
35 Acer platanoides 'Schwedleri' or its form called Crimson King A bronze-purple form of the Norway Maple, the variety having crimson purple leaves; turning red-purple in autumn. 1864
36 Acer pensylvanicum Moose-bark, Moosewood or Striped Maple A small tree with stems and bark striped green and white. Leaves largish, 3-lobed turning yellow in autumn. E. North America 1755
37 Acer palmatum 'Atropurpureum' The Purple Japanese Maple A small tree with young branches being red giving good effect in winter. Leaves 7-lobed, deep red purple.
38 Acer grosseri var. hersii Her's Maple A small snakebark Maple, with smaller 3-lobed or oval leaves, turning brilliant colours. Long racemes of fruits C. China 1921
39 Acer platanoides 'Lorbergii' A medium tree with deeply divided leaves, the long pointed tips ascending from the leaf plane. Could be called 'Cut-leaved Norway maple'. 1866
40 Acer forrestii Forrest's Maple A small snake bark Maple. Young stems and petioles are red; leaves long pointed do not colour. China 1906 by George Forest
41 Acer palmatum
42 Acer palmatum
43 Acer rufinerve as 26
44 Acer platanoides 'Schwedleri' or 'Crimson King'
45 Acer palmatum (red-stemmed)
46 Acer capillipes Red snake bark Maple A small tree with striated bark, 3-lobed leaves and coral red buds and young growth. Orange and red in autumn. Japan 1892 by Sargent
47 Acer japonicum ? Turned yellow autumn 1995
48 Acer grosseri Hersii as 38
49 Acer platanoides Norway Maple A large fast-growing tree. Leaves have finely pointed lobes and stems exude milky sap when broken. Turns deep yellow in autumn. Native of Europe not Britain. Long cultivated.
50 Acer saccharinum Silver Maple as 18
51 Acer saccharinum laciniatum A form with deeply cut leaves
52 Acer palmatum With rather small leaves. Pair with 72 opposite
53 Acer saccharinum lacianatum as 51
54 Acer velutinum vanvolxemii a poor specimen
55 Acer palmatum 'Senkaki' The Coral Bark Maple Small tree with young branches being coral-red giving good effect in winter. Leaves 5-lobed turning yellow-orange.
56 Acer platanoides Purple King?
Goldsworth Purple
57 Acer palmatum 'Senkaki' as 55
58 Acer palmatum Could be 'Garnet'
59 Acer palmatum Red-stemmed and veined
60 Acer forrestii as 40
61 Acer palmatum
62 Acer davidii 'Ernest Wilson' A snake-bark Maple, a small tree with ascending branches then arching. Leaves cup-shaped at base, orange in autumn. Rare in cultivation Yunnan & Hubei by Ernest Wilson
63 Acer distylum Lime-leaved Map[le A medium tree with undivided leaves unfolding cream & pink. Rich yellow in autumn. Japan & C China 1879 by Maries
64 Acer nikoense Nikko Maple Now Acer maximowiczianum. A very hardy tree with striated stems & trifoliolated leaves, hairy above, glaucous beneath. Orange and flame in autumn. 1881
65 as 64
66 Acer negundo as 27
Kalopanax Septemlobus var. maximowiczii A handsome tree of the ivy family. Leaf shape is variable - 5-7 lobed, large clusters of white flowers are in flattish heads in autumn, more frequently after a hot summer. Branches with stout prickles. Rare in gardens. Japan, China, Korea 1865
67 Parrotia persica Persian Ironwood A large spreading shrub or smallk tree of spreading habit. Leaves turn crimson & gold in autumn. N Iran & Caucasus 1840
68 Acer negundo as 27
69 Paulowenia tomentosa Ornamental flowering tree of the Foxglove family, with upright clusters of pale mauve flowers and very large pale green leaves. China via japan 1834
70 Acer negundo variegatum Variegated Box Elder As 27 but leaves with white margin. Branches reverting to plain green should be cut out.
71 Acer griseum as 15
72 Acer palmatum matches no 52 opposite
73 Acer saccharium laciniatum as 51
74 Acer saccharium as 18
75 Acer japonicum as 47 turned yellow autumn 1995
76 as 75
Sequoia sempervirens as 16
77 Liriodendron tulipifera The Tulip Tree A larger tree with unusual shaped leaves, turning rich yellow in autumn. Yellow green tulip-shaped flowers in June, on mature trees. E North America 1688
78 Acer capillipes Red Snakebark as 46
79 Acer platanoides on boundary. Also 81, 82 & 87.
83 Acer griseum as 15
84 Acer Japonicum aconitifolium as 12
85 Acer palmatum
86 Acer pensylvanicum as 36
87 Acer platanoides as 49
88 Acer palmatum
89 Acer saccharinum as 18. A large specimen
90 Acer grosseri hersii as 38
91 Acer palmatum
Acer rubrum as 31
Acer leucoderme Chalk Map;le A subspecies of Acer saccharum. A small tree with 3-5-lobed leaves and lovely autumn tints. SE United States 1900
Acer dividii 'George Forrest' An open tree with spreading branches carrying large leaves with red stalks, and large catkins of keys. Yunnan 1921-2 by George Forrest
Abies procera (A Nobilis) The Noble Fir possibly the form 'glauca'
92 Viburnum Rhytidophyllum
93 Aesculus x carnea   60 - 75 years old
94 Sorbus intermedia  Swedish hornbeam
95 Darmera peltata
96 Juglans regia Walnut
97 Acer tataricum ssp ginnala
98 La rix-larch
99 Pinus nigra ssp laricio  Corsican pine
100 Pseudototsuga menziesii  Douglas fir
101 Davidia invducrata  Hankerchief tree
102 Magnolia Kobus
103 Sequoia sempervirens
104 Eucyliptos gunnii
105 Eucryphia nymansay
106 Stewartia monadelpha
107 Stewartia pseudocamellia
108 Pinus sylvestris
109 Acer davidii
110 Castanea Sativa
111 Quercus Rubra Red oak
112 Quercus Rubur
113 Sorbus Aria
114 Sorbus Intermedia
115 Abies Grandis Silver Fir
116 Liriodendron Tulipifia
117 Acer Osaka Zuki
118 Abies Nobilis
119 Sorbus Glabriuscula
120 Photinia Davidiana
121 Sorbus Aria
122 Picea Sitchensis
123 Pinus Sitchensis
124 Pinus Heldreichii Satellit
125 Koelreuteria Paniculata