If there is one feature of the church that is almost unique it is the murals.

These images do almost nothing for them - you will just have to come here to see them for yourself!!...
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In the Lady ChapelIn the Chancel






The murals in the Chapel on the left were painted by Rosemary Aldridge and Doreen Lister in 1953 and depict the lives of the patron saints Cosmas and Damian, Christian doctors and vets in 4th century Syria. The murals in the Chancel, ahead and around the altar and choir, were painted a few years later by John Ward R.A. and Gordon Davies. These show the Annunciation, Nativity, Wise Men and Shepherds, set in a local landscape. John Ward was commissioned again in 1999 to paint the Challock Millennium mural on the north wall which shows Christ riding into Challock with local figures and village life around. See next page.

These murals make Challock Church unique, because, as well as an invaluable heritage from the past, it has 20th century murals which all date from the age of Queen Elizabeth II.

The images reproduced here were photographed in August 2000 and August 2002.